October 9, 2001

ChocSorbet: free lesbian porn site?
ChocSorbet: http://www.xxxmaturepics.com/galleries/hungallery1.html
ChocSorbet: Im doing you a favor
ImNotJacob: No, youre not. I have more than enough lesbian porn, and you have no permission to IM me out of the blue with stuff like that
ChocSorbet: I dont need permission to IM anyone, thats part of why its an instant message
ImNotJacob: Then consider yourself blocked until you reevaluate that philosophy
ImNotJacob signed off at 10:46:17 PM.

October 24, 2001

ChocSorbet: send me a good lesbian porno
ImNotJacob: busy
ChocSorbet: please
ImNotJacob: nope, now youre getting blocked. You still havent reevaluated your philosophy
ImNotJacob signed off at 12:31:54 PM.


November 15, 2001

ImNotJacob: I certainly hope that prank phone call last night wasnt you
ChocSorbet: no
ImNotJacob: Have you inspected your pussy lately?
ImNotJacob: that was the contents
ChocSorbet: that sounds like something Id say
ImNotJacob: exactly
ImNotJacob: which is why you were blocked earlier today
ChocSorbet: I didnt notice
ChocSorbet: did you respond?
ImNotJacob: no
ChocSorbet: because you dont have a pussy or because if you did, you wouldnt inspect it?
ImNotJacob: because I wasnt going to dignify it with a response

Todd with Jacob the robot.

Todd Brown

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